Over the past four years I have had the pleasure of working with Tanya on two School Board Committees, the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) and the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC). It has been obvious from the start that as an elected school board Trustee, Tanya has been dedicated to using her voice and position to represent the needs of the town of Wasaga Beach. She is always prepared with feedback from her community, and participates passionately in all discussions and decision making. Tanya puts in the time and effort to know her community, know processes, and how to get things done. I know that as Deputy Mayor Tanya will be devoted to serving her community whole heartedly.

Brandy Rafeek

SCDSB PIC & SEAC Chair, Simcoe County

Tanya is a strong, passionate, community-oriented leader that would excel in the role of deputy mayor. Tanya always came to meetings with a professional attitude, prepared, and with any concerns of her constituents. She would be an asset to the Town of Wasaga Beach as it faces a growing list of complex issues.

Tyler Boswell

Candidate for Trustee , Towns of Midland & Penetanguishene and the Townships of Tay & Tiny

I have known Tanya Snell now for almost 10 years. I have had business dealings, organization dealings, customer service dealings and friendship dealings with Tanya and always walk away feeling good about the encounter. 

I feel Tanya is trustworthy and is willing to go the extra mile to discuss issues. Tanya and I have not agreed on things 100% of the time, but she has always been respectful and always has the best interest of parties involved to the very best of her ability.

Tanya presents a very welcoming demeanor and is very approachable for questions.

I wish Tanya the very best of luck in the upcoming election. Her vision will help bring Wasaga Beach back and will support to move it forward for our future generations.
Debbie Myles-Cook

Entrepreneur, Wasaga Beach

My first encounter with Tanya was watching her on television during a political debate, when she ran for School Trustee. She made quite an impression. Rather than the customary self-promotion and deprecation of her competitor she recognized his own unique qualifications and commended his credibility. What a refreshingly honest, dignified and shift in tone within what is routinely a rancorous municipal political atmosphere. Apparently, a sufficient number of constituents were as impressed with her grace and generosity as I was, and she was rewarded with a victory. Not too many years hence, Tanya joined our team at Blue Mountain Chrysler in a demanding senior position as Manager of Customer Relations and Marketing.

Over the time I have known Tanya I have had an opportunity evaluate her from several different vantage points in her personal as well as her professional life.

On a professional level the role she occupied required a wide range of gifts and talents. It took all the expertise, motivation, care and control she had gained as a former business operator to meet that challenge. She understands what it means to be duly accountable and responsible, and discharged those duties with a high degree of competence.

However, the role she fulfilled also drew upon her creative abilities, which as it turned out are also varied and impressive, as among other things, she independently coordinated, hosted and chaired special events. It too required she be well organized as well as having to excel in administration, and staff supervision and to participate and lead in the budget process. Beyond that, she formidably represented the dealership at public events, performed public speaking services as well as being entrusted to appear on behalf of the dealership on radio.  All of this required a unique skill set obviously, but she added sincerity, ardour and eagerness. She was the “real deal” as it were.

Then there was the actual one on one with our most cherished asset – our customer. If she was impressive and highly accomplished in the former list of duties and responsibilities this was where she shone.  She relates to all people and all ages with empathy, warmth, compassion, genuineness and sincerity. Her humble approach makes her relatable to everyone regardless of where they are positioned on the socio-economic scale. This to me was her most distinguished attribute.

If you are looking for integrity personified Tanya is that person. If you are looking for commitment with an ability to stick to a task until it is done and if you want it done by someone who will approach anything with a strong sense of ownership and determination, but want someone genuinely sensitive to peoples needs and concerns, Tanya, as few others can, is able to be relied upon to rise to that challenge.

Finally I have yet to say anything in terms of her intellectual prowess, which has been avoided to this point intentionally as I prefer to state it this way. Tanya has doggedness to her. She is not aggressive but she is determined. My take on it is whatever the circumstances call for she will attack with a persistence that presupposes drawing on her experience but well beyond that, should research, studiousness, diligence and the art of being industrious be the criterion for a successful end she will perform it, which is as high a compliment as I can pay her.

In the end it has been a privilege and honour to know her and to work with her where, until COVID eviscerated her division, I had the pleasure of observing her first hand.

Kip Brown

Dealer Principal , Blue Mountain Chrysler

Please accept this letter in support of Tanya Snell. I met Tanya in 1997 while she was the youth worker at our local community centre in Vancouver, BC. Although the program was meant for children 12 years old + I attended the after-school program at that community centre and slowly gravitated to Tanya and the youth program at the age of 11.

I was bullied at school from a young age and really struggled with self-confidence, making friends and being brave enough to attend programs. Tanya recognized this and literally took me under her wing. She started including me in program planning, setting up events, reaching out to the community for fundraising, encouraging me to take on responsibilities in the office etc. By the time I was 13 Tanya and I had done numerous fundraisers such as bottle drives, bake sales, car washes, silent auctions etc. We also created the Friday night youth program where a group of 10 or so youth created a dinner menu, walked to our local grocery store to shop for the ingredients with our allotted budget, cooked dinner together and then ate family style. We put on multiple youth dances and created the Thursday night summer BBQ and Music event that is still run to this day. She created and named the youth program that also operates to this day (RALLY!)

I cannot put enough emphasize on how much of an impact Tanya had on my life during this time; she gave me a safe space to be who I was, to work through the trauma of being bullied daily at school, of encouraging my love of administration and program planning that I still use to this day, to build positive relationships with members of the community, to become a leader when I struggled to even make eye contact with others. She gave me a sense of worth and a sense of belonging.

I am now 36 years old and continue to keep in contact with Tanya even though we live far away from each other. Tanya is the most warm, genuine, inclusive, giving person I have ever met. I am blessed to be able to follow along and witness all the good she’s doing for her local community through fundraisers and outreach programs. My childhood wouldn’t have been the same without Tanya and her dedication to bettering her community and for that I am eternally grateful. I have no doubt that Tanya will continue to better the lives she touches and will always be in her corner cheering her on! Please don’t hesitate to reach out for any further details.

Tal Ronen

Youth, Vancouver BC


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