Some of key priorities of my campaign are:

  • Keeping taxes as low as possible;
  • Supporting existing and promoting new business to support our tax base and our community needs;
  • Exploring transportation options – expanding bus hours, uber options, taxis and alternative ideas to allow residents and tourists to safely support our restaurants and entertainment;
  • Supporting our newly elected School Board Trustee to continue our advocacy for a high school;
  • Actively looking for opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint at our facilities and in our operations;
  • To attract and support primary services for our residents;
  • To attract the return of a walk-in medical clinic and more full time doctors to our community;
  • Supporting the return of a sustainable and balanced development plan for the Beachfront and our Downtown Development Plan; and
  • Supporting a robust strategy to re-ignite our tourism impact – this includes customer service, esthetics, marketing and experience delivery for our visitors near and far.

There are many other passions and ideas that I am excited to contribute. I encourage you to follow my facebook page where I will share updates and informative videos about ideas to enhance our amazing town of Wasaga Beach. Click here to follow and receive updates via Facebook:


It has never been more important to make your vote count!  Your elected Municipal Council has the most impact on your day to day way of life – elect the people who will serve you and your needs best! Mark your calendars for these very important dates. Please contact the Municipal Clerk at to confirm your information and to ensure you are registered to vote (especially if you have relocated here in the past 4 years).  


In Person Ballot Voting Information Is As Follows:
  • OCTOBER 12th – 10am-3pm @ Town Hall (30 Lewis St)
  • OCTOBER 15th – 10am – 3pm @ Rec Plex (1724 Mosley St)
  • OCTOBER 19th – 10am – 7pm @ Rec Plex (1724 Mosley St)
  • OCTOBER 21st – 10am – 3 pm @ Town Hall (1724 Mosley St)


Internet Voting Dates Are:
OCTOBER 3rd – October 24th
Tanya Snell For Deputy Mayor Wasaga BeachSign

Five Fun Facts About Tanya

  1. She worked as an activity coordinator at a white-water rafting resort in B.C and has rafted over 100 times
  2. Beach chairs and an umbrella live permanently in her trunk from May – Oct
  3. She has a 10ft long white board and flip chart in her dining room
  4. She has jumped out of a perfectly good airplane TWICE
  5. She is in the top 1000 Spotify fans for Miranda Lambert on Spotify

All Candidates Meeting

Enjoy this 5 min video of Tanya’s opening, answering a question, and closing remarks at the All Candidate’s Meeting in Wasaga Beach

Special Open Forum

Discover what Tanya has done to better our community and hear the latest update on where Wasaga sits in regards to getting a high school.

Radio Commercial

Vote Tanya Snell for Deputy Mayor of Wasaga Beach.


My first encounter with Tanya was watching her on television during a political debate, when she ran for School Trustee. She made quite an impression. Rather than the customary self-promotion and deprecation of her competitor she recognized his own unique qualifications and commended his credibility. What a refreshingly honest, dignified and shift in tone within what is routinely a rancorous municipal political atmosphere. Apparently, a sufficient number of constituents were as impressed with her grace and generosity as I was, and she was rewarded with a victory.

Kip Brown

Dealer Principal, Blue Mountain Chrysler

I cannot put enough emphasize on how much of an impact Tanya had on my life during this time; she gave me a safe space to be who I was, to work through the trauma of being bullied daily at school, of encouraging my love of administration and program planning that I still use to this day, to build positive relationships with members of the community, to become a leader when I struggled to even make eye contact with others. She gave me a sense of worth and a sense of belonging.

I am now 36 years old and continue to keep in contact with Tanya even though we live far away from each other. Tanya is the most warm, genuine, inclusive, giving person I have ever met. I am blessed to be able to follow along and witness all the good she’s doing for her local community through fundraisers and outreach programs. My childhood wouldn’t have been the same without Tanya and her dedication to bettering her community and for that I am eternally grateful. I have no doubt that Tanya will continue to better the lives she touches and will always be in her corner cheering her on!

Tal Ronen

Youth, Vancouver, BC


Connect with Tanya today to make your vote count or get involved by volunteering,  requesting a sign or attending an event.

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